Jonathan Miller Design helps boulding blocks with a Kickstarter campaign!

After a lot of work and diligence my client boulding blocks has launched a kickstarter campaign ! These extremely unique 3-D brain puzzles are the culmination of years of research and refining. I had lots of fun helping Mark Boulding with the 3-D models for 3-D Printing and prototyping on this project. I also crafted all the animations and videos for the kickstarter site to aid in visualization and explaining process. Good luck boulding blocks!

Jonathan Models and 3-D Prints a Brain Puzzle!

Check this out! I am helping my friend and client Mark Boulding develop a series of 3-D brain puzzles. Marks vision is to help satisfy the need for tactile and mechanical aptitude while being very entertaining at the same time. This model is available for sale as well. I modeled the 2 individual pieces in 3-D Studio Max 2015 and we had Shapeways print the pieces. It was really fun to make these hollow and remove all the mass we could to make it as inexpensive as possible. It also ended up making them incredibly light. More puzzles to come so I will keep you posted!

 3-D print of 3-D Model Brain Puzzle Composite.

3-D Print of 3-D Model Brain Puzzle.

3-D Max File

Jonathan Miller Design produces one day animation for Anderson Hallas Architects

As part of their presentation, Anderson Hallas Architects needed a short animation that showcased a new entry design for the McNichols Civic Center Building in downtown Denver . With only 1 day to craft the animation I worked closely with David Miller from AHA to develop a sequence that showed the current entry being removed and the new entry falling in from above piece by piece. It was important to AHA that the animation communicated the path of people so an arrow was chosen to float up the stairs and then through the building painted with an X-Ray texture. The building model was supplied by AHA as were the two different entry ways and this helped speed up the process of key framing all the different pieces into place. The animation was done in 3-D Studio Max and video compositing done Adobe Premier Pro.